List of the 109 languages translations of Deedat Kit against Christian Missionary

Ahmad Deedat requested to be translated into may languages, so, praise be to Allah, it is done.  Anne called it "Love_Mary_and_Jesus"_by_Anne,_Deedat and_Zakir

Deedat Kit against Christian Missionary reveals Missionary Dirty Tactics and responds to them all. Anne added to it proofs of the 5 pillars of Islam, 6 pillars of Imam, and 1 pillar of Ihsan found in the 4 books written in creek 80 to 120 years after Jesus. These 4 Books were adopted in 325 yaers after Jesus and called bibles, while Jesus own holy book (Aramaic Injil was 100% lost). This move introduced creek and Latin pagans philosophy of gods and goddess to Christianity  

Later on Christians added to the 4 so called bibles written by anonymous, the old book which is suppose to be Moses's Torah, which was written in Hebrew a 1000 year ago, they did not add the Talmud because it insults and curses Jesus and Mary which it is the today Rabbis curriculum. The divinity of the old Book (old testament) is against the trinity and against that Jesus is son of any god. It is the same like all Prophets creed one oneness and monotheism not trinity and creek pagan Idols. They were better off adding the Holy Koran better.